Image Courtesy: IESF, YouTube

India take down Bangladesh

Bangladesh concede Inferno 4-13

Team India took on Bangladesh in their IESF Asian Regional Qualifiers 2024, in their campaign opener with the Indian team looking to book a spot in Chengdu.

Representing India, the Gods Reign lineup got off to a 3-0 start on the CT-side of Inferno but Bangladesh stole a round with deagles and a single rifle, paving way for them to level the score at 3-3, after which the trio of f1redup, R2B2 and Ph1NNN wreaked havoc to run away with a 9-3 half.

India dropped just a single round in the second half, keeping it clean to close off Inferno 13-4 and start their IESF Asian regional qualifier campaign with a dominant win.

Team Bangladesh fell short when it came to individual performances with just Xerator and akio crossing double figures with stark contrast to Gods Reign where nearly everyone fragged out with f1redup topping the charts at 22 frags.

Image Courtesy: IESF, YouTube

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