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Combination filter specifically designed for Indian interests. Includes matches with at least one Top30 team, HLTV recommended matches, matches with at least one Indian player, and matches from tournaments with at least one Indian team.

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Counter-Strike Matches in 2024

As a proud product of HLTV, you'll always find a complete overview of all the upcoming Counter-Strike matches on this page. Matches include those from all tournaments and leagues featured, providing our readers with the best possible information to plan their Counter-Strike esports viewing times for the days ahead.

You can click on any match to view the participating teams' player lineups and find links to one or more streams. You can also join the Counter-Strike match discussion by sharing your predictions or opinion on the match with others. However, we urge you to remain respectful and follow our community rules.

Overview of Counter-Strike matches

If you are interested in Counter-Strike esports, you've found the perfect place. This page gives you an overview of all upcoming matches for the week, leaving nothing out of the equation. Our Counter-Strike matches page is consistently updated to bring you all the latest information, which includes updates to rosters when you click on a match, or any changes in dates/times where applicable.

With all the leagues and tournaments, you'll never find a day without any Counter-Strike esports matches to watch. While S-Tier Counter-Strike events do not occur daily, regional leagues or smaller tournaments always run nearly 24 hours a day, keeping fans entertained.

Counter-Strike Matches Today: Schedules, Maps & Lineups

Since our page features all the Counter-Strike matches today, tomorrow and later in the week, you can confidently mark those calendars and set those alarms. The times and dates of all matches are visible on the left-hand side, and you can click on a match to find more information.

Additional match information includes the tournament or league teams are competing in, the lineups, when the map veta process starts, and more. These match pages also get updated with the map picks once the match is live and match info, such as the matchup history between the two teams. Click on a match, then on the "Statistic" section to dive deeper into some seriously robust details. As an additional feature, you can also favourite a specific Counter-Strike match by clicking on the star icon.

Biggest tournaments in Counter-Strike

Want to see the best Counter-Strike teams in the world compete? Then you'll find matches for all the biggest tournaments in the Counter-Strike esports scene on this page.

From BLAST Premier to ESL Pro League, IEM, and of course, Majors, we feature every match from all S-Tier events. You'll find today's Counter-Strike matches filled to the brim with top teams competing for huge prize pools and coveted trophies.

Odds On Today's Counter-Strike Matches

Next to each of today's Counter-Strike matches, you'll find odds for both teams competing. These odds represent the chance of a specific outcome occurring. The higher the number, the lower the team's chances of winning, and vice versa.

We've made it easy for those who want to bet on one or more of today's Counter-Strike matches. On the right-hand side of the match, where you see the odds, click on the decimal number, and you'll be taken to a top bookmaker. Remember, odds represent a bookmaker's confidence in an outcome occurring.

Always practice responsible gambling. Full bookmaker full T&Cs apply. You must be 18+ to play.

Connect with the Counter-Strike community

Each of today's Counter-Strike matches feature a comment section where you can talk to others who love Counter-Strike esports. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about a match, team or players. Remember to remain respectful towards others and follow the forum rules.

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