House Rules

for user-posted comments on Dust2's News and Forums sections

We want to ensure that comments posted under our news articles and forum topics are tasteful, relevant and lawful. So, we have created these House Rules to give you an idea of things to avoid mentioning in your comments. Please read these rules carefully before posting any comments. Our Website administrators will moderate comments and may remove comments that are in violation of these rules. Your account may also be suspended for serious or repeated violations. All decisions of our Website administrators are final. In very exceptional cases, Dust2 may be legally compelled to reveal your account information to the authorities.

Now, onto the rules...

  1. No swearing or offensive language We want to keep Dust2 engaging for all of its users, and this kind of language could put people off using our comments sections.
  2. No comments that are unlawful, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, sexually oriented, homophobic, or racially offensive.
  3. No spamming Please don't re-post a comment that is the same or similar to one you have already posted.
  4. No defamatory comments This means no comments that are untrue and are likely to damage the reputation of another person or an organization. You could face legal action from the person or organization that you have defamed, and we don't want that.
  5. No personal information Never publicize your own personal information or that of anyone else, such as full name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. This is for your own safety and the safety of everyone who uses Dust2.
  6. Keep your comments relevant Please keep your comments relevant to the news article or forum topic you are posting about. If you post something that isn't relevant, we might remove it.
  7. Do not copy others Please ensure that all comments that you post are written in your own words and do not violate copyright laws.
  8. Do not advertise or link to third-party websites We want to ensure that the promotion of any third-party websites is endorsed by Dust2, so please ensure that you do not include links in your comments.
  9. Comment in the same language as the news article or forum topic For example, if you want to comment on an English language news article or forum topic, then please write your comment in English.
  10. NO CAPS LOCK IF YOU WRITE IN CAPS LOCK, IT LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE RAISING YOUR VOICE. We can hear you just fine without caps lock, so please take it off when writing your comments.