Marcos Gaming wins out THE DRAFT

A 3-2 series win for Marcos Gaming against True Rippers

The Grand Final of THE DRAFT Super 6, took us to a matchup between True Rippers and Marcos Gaming. True Rippers had narrowly edged out Marcos Gaming in their previous encounter in the upper bracket final. This time, they faced off in a BO5 series across the maps of Vertigo, Ancient, Mirage, Inferno, and Overpass.

Starting on the CT side, MG fought hard to secure the initial 4-0, dominating the CT side. However, TR fought back, clawing their way to a 5-4 lead. As the first half drew to a close, MG rallied, securing the final three rounds to go up 7-5. The momentum shifted in the second half as TR initially struggled but then mounted a comeback, taking a brief 11-9 lead. Yet, MG regained control, ultimately closing out the map with a 13-11 victory.

Moving on to Ancient, MG stormed ahead with an impressive 8-0 lead from the T-side. True Rippers found themselves trailing 10-2 by halftime, unable to gain much ground on their CT side. Despite a back-and-forth second half, MG maintained their advantage, securing a solid 13-7 win, as shox and ELV1S led the way with 18 kills a piece.

The third map was Mirage, where it was TR's turn to gain an early lead, as they were up by 6-3 on the T-side. However, edging TR out on the following rounds securing the pistol, and force buy propelled MG to tie the game at 7-7. However, TR regained control, reaching match point at 12-7. MG fought till the end, closing the lead to 12-11, but a 1v2 from Gh0sTTTT sealed the deal for TR with a 13-11 win.

Next up was Inferno, where despite a 5-1 start, TR faltered in the following rounds, giving way to a tied score at halftime. Making up for their mistake, they blasted off on the T-side, extending their lead to 9-6. With kennyS taking matters into his own hands, earning a 1.76 rating on the map, TR cruised their way to a 13-8 victory.

It all boiled down to the final map Overpass, where MG kicked off their T-campaign with a 5-0 start. TR failed to get their CT side going and ended the first half with a meager 3 rounds on the board. A 4k from shox on the CT pistol round shut down any hopes for the comeback, as MG closed the final map with a 13-3 scoreline.

True Rippers
2 - 3
All maps
True Rippers K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub 103 - 76 +27 97.5 70.5% 1.37
India Prateek 'DiceDealer' Saini 41 - 39 +2 77.7 72.1% 1.08
India Hamid 'Gh0sTTTT' Chaudhary 27 - 29 -2 58.9 68.2% 0.94
India Kiran 'Rossi' Rudresh 62 - 83 -21 66.4 73.3% 0.89
India Ritesh 'DEFAULTER' Sarda 59 - 84 -25 71.5 68.6% 0.87
India Shuvajyoti 'Mcg!LLzZz' Chakborty 58 - 80 -22 57.4 64.8% 0.81
Marcos K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Richard 'shox' Papillon 97 - 70 +27 97.2 77.1% 1.45
India Rahul 'R2B2' Banerjee 86 - 72 +14 84.0 74.3% 1.25
India Garvit 'EmbeR' Nehra 79 - 73 +6 78.8 78.1% 1.17
India Elvis 'ELV1S' Eric 62 - 65 -3 66.6 75.2% 1.05
India Bhavesh 'Bhavi' Sejwani 58 - 70 -12 62.7 76.2% 0.95

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February 11, 2024 06:16pm
gg, really good match
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