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Report: Skyesports Masters 2024 European Closed Qualifier teams revealed

These 4 European teams are revealed the European Closed Qualifiers

Following the monumental announcement unveiling of the invited European teams for the Skyesports Masters 2024 LAN, Dust2 India has received exclusive updates about the European Closed Qualifiers.

Sources close to the matter have revealed to Dust2 India who the participant for the European Qualifier of the forthcoming $350,000 CS2 event will be. As per the sources, BetBoom, fnatic, TSM, and Forze have all confirmed their participation in the European Closed Qualifier.

Teams invited to the Closed Qualifier


  • nafany

  • zorte

  • s1ren

  • KaiR0N-

  • danistzz


  • Sweden KRIMZ

  • body

  • afro

  • kyubii



  • Denmark valde

  • Denmark Zyphon

  • poizon


  • Sweden joel


  • shalfey


  • r3salt

  • gokushima

  • tN1R

With the recent announcements, the format though deviates from the roadmap announced by Skyesports earlier this year, which had Open and Closed Qualifiers which had 14 teams invited to the closed Qualifier, and 2 teams getting direct invites to LAN. With a prize pool amounting to $350,000, the Skyesports Masters is scheduled to transpire from April 8th to April 14th, 2024.

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March 2, 2024 09:03pm
I feel they would've had even bigger teams if not for the clash with IEM Chengdu
W nevertheless
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