Report: NBK- to debut with Revenant at Indian Event

Revenant will be the final invited team to Skyesports Championship 2024

In the wake of their European expansion, the Indian esports entity, Revenant, has made waves by confirming their participation in the esteemed Skyesports Championship 2024. Based out of their bootcamp in Belgrade, Serbia, the organisation recently acquired the services of European powerhouses including NBK-, Nivera, reiko, adeX, and lauNX.

Skyesports CEO Shiva "Marvel" Nandy recently hinted at the final invited team for the Skyesports Championship 2024, a prestigious LAN event in Mumbai. Following that announcement, a report shared with Dust2 India states that the 'new roster will debut on LAN at the Skyesports Championship 2024", which all but confirms the NBK- led team as the final invited team for the event.

Our decision to enter the global CS2 arena was fueled by a passion for Counter Strike and a strategic vision for global expansion. We have been keenly observing and exploring the European esports market for a while. CS2 has very substantial viewership and a vibrant esports ecosystem in European territory and hence it also translates to more monetisation and partnership opportunities for us. This is another step for us in the direction to create a truly global esports organisation, from India.
Rohit Jagasia, Founder & CEO, Revenant Esports

The Skyesports Championship 2024 is set to be a $200,000 LAN tournament taking place in India between July 23 - 28, 2024. There will be 8 international teams battling it out with the likes of The MongolZ, FURIA, BetBoom and Eternal Fire amongst others who will be present in India.

With Revenant joining the team list for the event, the teams attending the Skyesports Championship 2024 are as follows:


  • The MongolZ

  • Brazil FURIA

  • BetBoom

  • Eternal Fire

  • World Revenant


  • Aurora

  • EU Qualifier

  • India Indian Qualifier

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