Revenant reveals new CS2 roster with NBK and other EU players

Indian organisation has no Indian players in new CS2 roster

As reported by Dust2 India a couple of weeks ago, Indian esports organisation Revenant Esports have officially revealed their new Counter-Strike 2 roster, with the Indian organisation shifting to European players for their team.

The team has French veteran NBK- at the helm of things along with Nivera, who has previously had a stint with Vitality. lauNX, adeX and reiko round out the European roster for the Indian organisation. The team also has pakesZ as the coach.

The announcement sees Revenant move away from the Indian scene to sign an European roster after having Indian rosters last year in CS:GO and CS2. Revenant finished runner-up at the Skyesports Masters 2023 and the DreamHack Hyderabad Invitational 2023 as well and boasted of Indian stars such as f1redup, SpawN and Bhavi, who have donned the Revenant jersey.

Two-time Major winner NBK- is the most well known name of the team and following his benching on Falcons, it looks like the veteran will have one last shot at making it count. Belgian star Nivera, who hasn't been on a team since departing from Vitality joins NBK and is one of the high-profile names on team. The Belgian shifted to VALORANT for a while before announcing his departure from the game earlier in May this year and stating that he will be returning to CS.

lauNX, who was recently benched from Falcons, will be getting another chance to prove his worth and the former Falcons, BLEED and Sprout man will be looking to make the most of it after a disappointing outing with Falcons. Along with lauNX, there is a second Romanian on the team in adeX, who has previously played for IKLA, MOUZ NXT and PROSPECTS.

Polish player reiko is the final member of the team with the 24-year old having previously played with teams like Sprout, Anonymo and HONORIS.

The Revenant roster is as follows:


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