During his time with Rooster, nettik averaged a HLTV rating of 1.25

nettik departs from Rooster

The Aussie ends 4-year run with the team

Australian rifler nettik has parted ways with his current team, Rooster. nettik's time at Rooster began in 2020 when he was brought in to replace dangeR. Barring a brief stint with Paradox in between, nettik spent over four years with Rooster.

During his run with Rooster, nettik was a part of numerous C-tier title wins such as the ESEA Cash Cup: Oceania - Autumn 2023 #6, CCT Season 1 Oceania Series #4, ESEA Cash Cup: Oceania - Autumn 2023 #5 and LPL Pro League 2020 Season 2 among others.

In late-June, HLTV reported that Talon was looking to re-enter the Counter-Strike scene with AZR at the helm. Sources also told HLTV that nettik was one of the names shortlisted for the potential Talon CS2 roster. The timing of his departure from Rooster reinforces the possibility of Talon returning to Counter-Strike with nettik in the starting five.

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