Media: Marcos Gaming owner responds to DEFAULTER

Marcos Gaming confirms receiving Skyesports Masters 2023 prize money in end March/ April

Following former-Marcos Gaming captain DEFAULTER's revelations about the organisation's delay in payment of the Skyesports Masters 2023, Marcos Gaming's co-founder Akhil Kavuturu has come forward providing an explanation for the delay of payment to the former players.

Kavuturu states that the organisation was behind on payments until December 2023 and has tried to clear payments as soon as the organisation has had money in their bank account. He also states that Marcos Gaming was struggling financially previously and they were on 'the verge of shutting down.'

He further says that Marcos Gaming received their share of the prize money from Skyesports for the Skyesports Masters 2023 in late March 2024 or early April 2024.

He states that DEFAULTER and him spoke about the matter and Marcos Gaming were waiting on clarity from Skyesports before clearing the payments, although there is no mention of what the discussion was.

DEFAULTER since then has refuted Kavuturu's claims and states that the players weren't made aware of the amount deduction for Skyesports Masters 2023 and states that they were made aware from players of other organisations post the event.

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