Skyesports provides clarity on the Skyesports Masters 2023 situation

Skyesports addresses Dust2's article on Skyesports Masters 2023

Following Dust2 India's detailed report about the Skyesports Masters 2023 contract situation with the organisation and the pending payment issues for the players, Skyesports has provided Dust2 India with a statement about the matter.

  • Skyesports confirmed that the full amount of the Minimum Guarantee Amount was disbursed to the respective organizations, either in cash or through sponsorship agreements, all organisations who fulfilled their contract obligations were paid in full, by March 4th.

  • Skyesports asserted that the disbursed amount was significantly higher than the combined total of the stipend and the fraction of the prize pool, adhering to the agreed terms.

Finally Skyesports also stated that regarding the non-payment to 7SEA, the tournament organiser says that they had made the payment to the organisation before March 4, 2024 but due to complications with the bank account on 7SEA's end, the transaction was reversed. Skyesports said that the bank issues has been cleared and the organisation will be paid by July 15, 2024.

Dust2 India attempted to contact the remaining organisations that have yet to disburse the prize money to their players. While Medal Esports and Marcos Gaming refused to give a statement, we received no answer from Gods Reign and Revenant.

Meanwhile, sources involved with the matter indicate that these organizations have set a deadline for payments to their players and have begun processing the disbursements.

Dust2 India reached out to Skyesports with questions for an interview but was unable to obtain their responses before the time of publication.

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