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PGL set to broadcast Perfect World Shanghai 2024 Major

RMRs begin on 21st August 2024

After hosting the first ever Counter-Strike 2 Major at Copenhagen earlier this year, PGL have announced through a post on X that they are set to be the official broadcaster for the 2024's second Major, the Perfect World Shanghai 2024 Major. PGL will also handle the production for the upcoming RMR cycle. However, PGL will be handling the production part remotely for both the RMR and the Major.

The RMR circuit begins on 21st August 2024 and concludes on 24th November 2024 with the EU RMR B. Once the RMRs run their course, the Perfect World Shanghai 2024 Major will kick off on 30th November 2024 with the opening stage and will run for over two weeks with the grand-final taking place on 15th December 2024.

Before the grand final of the PGL Copenhagen 2024 Major PGL unveiled their Counter-Strike 2 calendar for 2025 and 2026, expressing their interest towards the title. PGL have announced five Counter-Strike 2 tournaments in 2025 and six tournaments in 2026.

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