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India edge out Pakistan

R2B2 drops 30-bomb against Pakistan

In their second match of the day at the IESF Asian regional qualifier's group stage, India took on Pakistan. The Gods Reign lineup representing India had a familiar face in the opposition. They were up against their former coach pokemon, one of the top Counter-Strike players in the region.

Team India started on the CT-side of Anubis winning the initial engagements to get off to a solid 3-0 start. Just as Pakistan looked to bounce back, a team kill nearly made them fumble a 4v2 round but they managed to recover and secure the round eventually catching up to India on the scoreboard.

The first half went neck to neck till the very end but a change of pace towards the end netted them a 7-5 lead in the first half. R2B2's aggression complimented by f1redup landed team India a 5-round win streak, stealing Pakistan's lead at 10-7. rev3nnnn's AWP closed the deal with an aggressive opening into B and then a masterful site-hold on A as India took Anubis 13-10.

R2B2 went absolutely nuclear, dropping 31 frags on Anubis. With this win India moves to the top of the table with two wins as they await their final two games in the group stage against Nepal and Sri Lanka tomorrow.

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