Media: DEFAULTER reveals shocking details about Marcos Gaming

Marcos Gaming owner allegedly states that players 'don't deserve the prize pool'

Amidst all the noise about players not having received their payments for the Skyesports Masters 2023, True Rippers' captain and former Marcos Gaming IGL DEFAULTER has come forward with details about the delay of payments with regards to their previous organisation, Marcos Gaming.

In an explosive tweet, DEFAULTER states how the players faced delays with salary payments right from the time the signed for the organisation in June 2023. DEFAULTER states that following constant approaches to the organisation between April and May 2024 where the team received no response from the management, the Marcos Gaming owner finally responded on May 3, 2024 asking the players why they went to the media instead of approaching the owner.

DEFAULTER also states that Marcos Gaming told him that Skyesports delayed the payment by 7-8 months and the organisation received it in April 2024.

Former Marcos Gaming player Gh0sTTTT, who still is with the organisation, is set to receive his prize money this month (July 2024) and when DEFAULTER enquired when he and his teammates would be getting it, the Marcos Gaming owner allegedly has told the players that they 'don't deserve the prize pool'.

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