Danny Trejo in Spy Kids (2001)

Famous American actor involved with this CS skin

Danny Trejo endorsed Chris Le's "Cutthroat" collection

Known for his roles in Machete, Spy Kids and various other Hollywood blockbusters and television series, Danny Trejo's path seems to have crossed Counter-Strike at one point of time. He is involved with a popular Counter-Strike weapon skin that came out in the Spectrum 2 case.

Valve's blogpost also mentions Danny Trejo alongside P250 | See Ya Later's creators

About eight years ago in 2016, Counter-Strike skin creator Chris Le was working on a batch of skins under the title "Cutthroat" collection. A flashy and striking P250 skin appeared in the collection which went by the name "P250 | Cyber Croc". The skin got massive positivity from the community and eventually made it to the game as "P250 | See Ya Later" in the Spectrum 2 case.

In a YouTube video showcasing the "Cutthroat" collection, Danny Trejo appears out of nowhere and is seen endorsing the collection, asking the community to vote in favor of the skin creator on Steam's workshop. Counter-Strike content creator Exerpas posted on X, alleging that Danny Trejo still drew his share of payments from the skin's earnings.

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