No stopping shox with the Big Green

shox fires up the AWP to help Marcos across the line

French star showcases red-hot form

The second game of the opening day of The Draft Super Six saw another India - Pakistan clash as Marcos Gaming went up against PAK BOYZ. The veto had PAK BOYZ pick Mirage while Marcos chose Overpass with Ancient left as the decider.

Mirage started with Marcos Gaming keeping it clean on the CT pistol. friberg's 1v2 in the first gun round saw PAK BOYZ get on the board as the Swede got a crucial quad-kill. EmbeR's mid aggression and B2's B site holds helped Marcos run away with a 9-3 lead.

friberg's crucial double from Jungle helped PAK BOYZ secure the second half pistol and after dropping two man-advantage rounds, Marcos finally secured double digits thanks to a Bhavi triple. shox opened up the A site with a ramp push with the AWP that helped Marcos secure map point and Marcos Gaming closed Mirage at 13-10 as B2's wrapped things up with a 1v2.

EmbeR's mid-pushes were crucial to Marcos' win on Mirage

PAK BOYZ started with a clean retake on the B site to get things underway on Overpass. Bhavi and EmbeR helped Marcos answer back with force. The force buy wars continued as a crucial low HP clutch from friberg got PAK BOYZ back on the board and the CTs ran away to a 6-1 lead. shox's double opener with the AWP helped Marcos get their second round. Marcos salvaged the half to get to five which mean PAK BOYZ held a two-round advantage.

Marcos picked up the second pistol and quickly tied up the game and it was a shox 1v4 with the AWP, which was part of an ace from the Frenchman saw Marcos secure their eighth. shox's AWP took over the server as a triple opener from the former Vitality and G2 man put Marcos on double digits. An EmbeR 1v2 put Marcos on match point and Marcos picked up Overpass at 13-9.

Pak Boyz
0 - 2
All maps
Pak Boyz K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Muhammad 'DYNAMITE' Dawood 36 - 34 +2 84.0 60.0% 1.11
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Friberg 36 - 34 +2 80.0 60.0% 1.09
Danish 'Sharpshooter' Ahmed 27 - 38 -11 70.0 71.1% 0.86
Walled-Sattar 'Scoffic' Ansari 13 - 19 -6 54.2 52.2% 0.73
Zain 'Bloody' Muneer 9 - 16 -7 54.2 68.2% 0.71
Usman 'Ang3l10wOw' Ansari 24 - 38 -14 55.6 57.8% 0.68
Marcos K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Richard 'shox' Papillon 50 - 28 +22 110.3 80.0% 1.70
India Rahul 'R2B2' Banerjee 44 - 28 +16 99.0 80.0% 1.51
India Garvit 'EmbeR' Nehra 38 - 27 +11 83.4 80.0% 1.25
India Bhavesh 'Bhavi' Sejwani 28 - 34 -6 70.1 66.7% 1.00
India Elvis 'ELV1S' Eric 19 - 28 -9 49.8 80.0% 0.86

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