Media: f1redup gets in the server with Brazil's best

Indian star has a fun FACEIT outing

Gods Reign's star f1redup was recently in the server with some of FURIA's stars as the Indian AWPer recently queued up with the likes of chelo, KSCERATO, kye and FURIA's coach guerri in a FACEIT match.

The match took place on Dust2 and while chelo and KSCERATO topped the scoreboard with 28 and 26 kills respectively, the Indian star held his own amongst the Tier-1 stars, dropping an impressive 21 frags, which helped their team secure a 16-13 win in overtime, after starting with a 9-3 lead.

Image Credit: FACEIT

While FURIA recently had a tournament to forget at the recently concluded ESL Pro League Season 19, finishing 17th-20th, f1redup and his team, Gods Reign themselves have been struggling in their recently ESL Challenger League Season 47 Asia-Pacific.

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