Gods Reign hold their ground against TheMongolz

A formidable fight put up by Gods Reign against Asia's best

The first BO1 in the ESL Challenger Season 47 between Gods Reign and TheMongolz kicked off on Ancient. Even though TheMongolz secured the CT pistol, Gods Reign bounced back in the following round to claw their way back into the map, as they found a 3-1 lead.

910 continued to be a thorn in the sides of Gods Reign, as his AWP racked up 19 kills in the half, helping his team in restricting Gods Reign to 4 rounds. While Gods Reign were able to narrow down their lead to 8-7, TheMongolz found their rhythm to close out the game 13-7.

Image Courtesy: ESL

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May 15, 2024 06:28pm
Bruh why isnt reven playing? Nice try anyways
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