TheMongolz are currently the #1 ranked Asian Counter-Strike team

TheMongolz reveal Skyesports Championship 2024 venue

The org shares former players' connection with India

Following Skyesports' announcement earlier today unveiling Skyesports Championship 2024, TheMongolz, an invitee for the event took to X and responded to Skyesports' post by writing "See you in Mumbai", hinting that the LAN event is leaning towards Mumbai.

Carrying a prize pool of $200,000 USD, Skyesports Championship 2024 will feature the likes of FURIA, Eternal Fire, TheMongolz and BetBoom among others. The event is set to take place in the last week of July 2024 and will be Skyesports' second LAN event in 2024 after Skyesports GrandSlam.

Responding to a thread of replies, TheMongolz shared an interesting fact regarding two of their former players who had been a part of the org during its formative days. It was revealed that Machinegun and Zilkenberg had studied in India and the Mongolian org added a humors touch claiming their interest to admit Mzinho and Senzu to Indian academics.

In his recent interview with MESA TV, Zilkenberg himself spoke about his days in India where he played alongside RiTz and astaRR at NeckBreak, an org that allegedly tried to sign NiKo in his early days. Zilkenberg also played an iteration of the Esports World Cup with an Indian team, before heading back to his hometown and hopping on to TheMongolz bandwagon.

Source: MESA TV, YouTube

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