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Even-stevens for Gods Reign against DEWA United

Indian team goes 1-1 in the latest round of games

After a string of losses, Gods Reign finally got back to winning ways in the ESL Challenger League Season 47 - Asia game against Clutch-Gaming. Next up for the Indian team, they took on DEWA United in two BO1s as Bhavi and co. bolstered with the return of reV3nnnn to the team looked to continue on their winning ways.

The opening BO1 took place on Anubis with the Indian team starting with an 8-4 lead. Gods Reign locked in a convincing 13-8 win as it was reV3nnnn, f1redup and Ph1NNN powering Gods Reign to their third straight BO1 win.

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The second BO1 took us to Ancient and it was DEWA United not willing to give up as it was a tied opening half before DEWA ran away in the second half with risenmonkey- and -marSyy making sure DEWA closed out Ancient at 13-8 to tie up the matches at 1-1 to close the day.

Image Credit: FACEIT

With the latest results, the wins have given Gods Reign a huge boost in hopes of making it to ESL Challenger League Season 48 - Asia. The Indian team currently lie 14th in the table and need to finish in the top 12 for a ESL Challenger League Season 48 -Asia spot and top 11 for a Playoffs spot.

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