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Gods Reign nets two big ECL wins

Gods Reign dominate Clutch-Gaming

Gods Reign's ECL Season 47 campaign saw two BO1s played out today against Clutch-Gaming and the Indian team posted back to back convincing victories. The first bo1 took us to Anubis where Ph1NNN and R2B2 hit the ground running to restrict Clutch-Gaming to a crushing 2-10 first half.

f1redup's AWP slowly took shape, locking down the massive corridors of Anubis. With not a single individual reaching double figures, Clutch-Gaming were unable to put up any comeback attempts as Gods Reign closed out Anubis 13-2.

Scoreboard (Anubis) via FACEIT

Things went from bad to worse for the Mongolian team in the second map, Ancient. rev3nnnnn, who was finally in the server after a period of absence, found early impact in the map alongside Gods Reign's IGL Bhavi and within the blink of an eye, Clutch-Gaming were reduced to a 1-11 disadvantage.

Clutch-Gaming's comeback hopes depended on the second half's pistol round which they won and managed convert the following couple of rounds but Gods Reign didn't let things slip away, holding their ground to stop Clutch-Gaming in their tracks, securing a 13-4 win on Ancient.

Scoreboard (Ancient) via FACEIT

With these wins, the Indian team opens their account in the second round of the ECL Season 47, with their next two matches coming up against DEWA United and New Happy.

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