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ROG Academy loses to 1plus4

Two straight map losses for ROG Academy in M80 Open League

The fourth phase of the M80 Open League saw ROG Academy lock horns with 1plus4 in a BO3, that ended with a clean sweep in the favor of 1plus4. Starting on Mirage, a pick of 1plus4, the first half saw both teams claim an equal share of rounds. However, the momentum turned significantly towards 1plus4, who only conceded a single round in the second half, closing out the map 13-7.

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First map's top-scorer pimpleHODSUS continued to be a thorn in the sides of ROG Academy in the second map Inferno, as 1plus4 notched 5 rounds in the opening half. As he pulled out all stops in the second half, 1plus4 raced to the finish line, sealing the map with a 13-10.

Image Courtesy: FACEIT

Revenge Esports took a win over Grayfox Esports with the latter having disbanded recently and Marcos Gaming won their Group D match against nussaba paplern, with the latter forfeiting their game as well.

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