Dust2 India - 1XBET Cup Open Qualifier 19: Recap

Carnival Gaming and Gods Reign cement Masters #10 slots

As the 19th iteration of the Dust2 India - 1XBET Cup Open Qualifier comes to a conclusion, we have Carnival Gaming and Gods Reign cementing their slots in the Dust2 India - 1XBET Cup Masters 10.

Round 1

  • ROG Academy vs Random 5
    The only game that took place in Round 1 pitted Random 5 against ROG Academy on MIrage. With the whole team functioning as a unit, ROG Academy oppressed Random 5, winning the map 13-6.

Round 2

  • ROG Academy vs Carnival Gaming
    After winning against Random 5, ROG Academy next faced Carnival Gaming once again on Mirage in Round 2. This time around, however, they were subjugated by clouda's firepower, as they lost the map by a 9-13 margin.

  • Gods Reign vs Project Lethals
    Gods Reign kicked off Open Qualifiers 19 by harassing Project Lethals on Ancient. After a dominating lead of 8-4 at halftime, Gods Reign went across the finish line after a flawless second half.

  • 2ez Gaming vs Marcos Gaming
    Marcos Gaming stayed in control throughout their BO1 on Ancient against 2ez Gaming in Round 2. After an 8-4 half, N1kace's 18 kills propelled his team to a 13-7 victory.

Round 3

  • Carnival Gaming vs Crescent
    The third round kickstarted with an exciting matchup, where Carnival Gaming faced off against Crescent. However, the BO1 quickly turned lopsided, as Carnival gaming established a 9-3 lead in the first half, ultimately winning Ancient 13-8.

  • Gods Reign vs Marcos Gaming
    Gods Reign decimated Marcos Gaming in Round 3 that took place on Ancient. Courtesy of a divine showing from reV3nnnn, who boasted a K-D of 24-5, Gods Reign secured a 13-5 win, cementing their slot in Masters #10.

Both Carnival Gaming and Gods Reign have successfully qualified for the Dust2 India - 1XBET Cup Masters #10.

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