Report: 2EZ Gaming set to depart the Counter-Strike scene

Another blow to Indian Counter-Strike

Sources close to Dust2 India have revealed that the Indian organisation and former No. 1 team in country, 2EZ Gaming, will be soon shutting down operations and we might even get roster changes incoming for the squad. While the reason for the organisation taking these steps are not official yet, sources suggest that performances issues and financial reasons are a major factor.

This news marks another blow to the Indian esports scene, following the recent closure of Grayfox Esports just a few weeks ago.

2EZ Gaming has been a prominent force in the Indian esports community. They held the top spot in the Indian rankings for several weeks in February 2024, clinched the title at Upthrust Gaming Fest Season 5, and advanced to the Asian Closed Qualifier for the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024.

The current roster of 2ez Gaming includes:

India 2ez Gaming

  • India Shinchan

  • India Recoilmaster

  • India bb1

  • India Kuzuri

  • India p7

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