Thomas, joel joins new Indian organisation

5W Gaming enters the CS2 scene

Former Into the Breach IGL Thomas and Swede joel have found a new home in 5W Gaming, which is allegedly based in Bengaluru, India.

Along with Thomas and joel, former Monte member REDSTAR is also part of the roster as is his compatriot h4rn, with the Bulgarian finding a team after almost six months. BIG Academy's pr1metapz is the final member of the roster.

Details about the organisation are not know as not many in the industry have heard of the organisation. The organisation's Twitter bio states that it is based out of Bengaluru, India, albeit with an incorrect spelling of the Indian city's name.

Image Credit: 5W Gaming X

The current 5W Gaming roster is as follows:

  • Thomas


  • h4rn

  • Sweden joel

  • pr1metapz

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