Gods Reign move to upper bracket

GuardiaN: Their play-style was a bit rushy

Gods Reign clinched a 2-1 series against WahWah

In what started as an 0-1 disadvantage, Gods Reign with GuardiaN in their arsenal came back to reverse sweep the series 2-1 against WahWah. Guardian opened up about the two AWPs in the team and how they handled it.

It was quite easy to deal with, whenever he didn’t feel like playing the AWP, I did. Whenever I didn’t feel like playing the AWP, he did and likewise we just played off of each other. The first game was like a warmup, and then we started running a double-AWP setup and it really clicked.

The GuardiaN-olofmeister clash on the server is an age-old one and GuardiaN speaks fondly about the iconic swede as a teammate and a rival, both. olofmeister played with Pakistan WahWah and landed a handful of impact plays.

I've been playing against olofmeister from a long long time over the course of many tournaments. Its insane playing against him and back in the day we were on one of the best teams in the world, going around as one of the best players in the world. We were teammates, rivals - it's always fun playing against olof.

When asked about his thoughts on Crazy_Gamer as an IGL, GuardiaN made it known that he enjoyed the style of calling and only involved himself in the process when necessary.

I called when I had some ideas but Crazy_Gamer was calling the whole time and after the first map I told the team on how they could improve. The effort comes naturally and they listen to me.

After a loss in the opening map, Gods Reign mentally reset and came back an entirely different team for the rest of the series. GuardiaN spoke about what went on in between games for the team to bounce back.

Their play-style was a bit pushy so I told the guys to just calm down in certain situations, allowing us to play together as a team towards the latter stages of the round and we just executed that, nothing special.

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