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Gods Reign drops the ball against PAK BOYZ

Lower Bracket run starts well for PAK BOYZ

The Lower Bracket games started with PAK BOYZ taking on Gods Reign, with both teams desperately looking for a win to stay alive to make it to the finals. The BO3 series saw PAK BOYZ went to Mirage in the veto while Gods Reign chose Ancient with Anubis left over as the decider.

A GuardiaN triple on the defence helped Gods Reign start Mirage with the CT pistol. Gods Reign's defence was impenetrable as they put up a stunning 11-1 half. A Bloody triple saw PAK BOYZ secure the second pistol and the Pakistani team pulled together a couple of rounds but Gods Reign picked Mirage at 13-5.

Strong Mirage from Gods Reign's young rifler, Ph1NNN

Gods Reign's pick of Ancient started with Come Mid taking the CT pistol. It was a 3-0 start from the Pakistani team but as soon as Gods got their guns out, clouda powered powering Gods Reign to an 8-4 lead.

Ang3l10wOw helped PAK BOYZ win both pistols on Ancient. After converting against the force, it seemed like we were heading for a tied score-line but Gods Reign with Deagles stole away a round as Crazy_Gamer and GuardiaN set up f1redup perfectly their first CT round. PAK BOYZ saw off two map points to push the map to overtime and PAK BOYZ took the series to a decider after securing Ancient 16-14.

With friberg helping with the calling PAK BOYZ's IGL DYNAMITE stepped up on Ancient

The decider on Anubis started with a tight opening half at 7-5 in Gods Reign's favour. It was another back-and-forth half which saw the map go to overtime once again. It was PAK BOYZ who picked up the map in overtime at 16-14.

The win also ends Gods Reign's run in The Draft, after getting knocked out from the Lower Bracket.

Pak Boyz
2 - 1
Gods Reign
All maps
Pak Boyz K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Muhammad 'DYNAMITE' Dawood 60 - 52 +8 84.6 75.6% 1.23
Usman 'Ang3l10wOw' Ansari 60 - 50 +10 74.2 70.5% 1.09
Zain 'Bloody' Muneer 60 - 57 +3 79.9 79.5% 1.09
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Friberg 51 - 57 -6 80.4 71.8% 1.03
Danish 'Sharpshooter' Ahmed 38 - 41 -3 66.5 70.0% 0.94
Walled-Sattar 'Scoffic' Ansari 8 - 15 -7 50.1 55.6% 0.54
Gods Reign K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
India Aakash 'Ph1NNN' Bose 56 - 52 +4 85.8 76.9% 1.18
India Piyush 'clouda' Kalwania 61 - 53 +8 79.0 70.5% 1.15
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács 58 - 59 -1 82.0 75.6% 1.13
India Harsh 'f1redup' Jain 53 - 54 -1 60.7 70.5% 0.97
India Hrishikesh 'Crazy_Gamer' Shenoy 44 - 59 -15 66.9 70.5% 0.89

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