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Grayfox Esports blown away by DEWA United

Big defeat for Indian team in the quarter-final of Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2

The quarter-final match between Grayfox and DEWA United started on Mirage with SH4DY standing in for rite2ace with Mirage, Inferno and Nuke being the maps for the BO3 series.

Grayfox got things underway on Mirage with a T-sided pistol win but DEWA replied with a force buy and a strong CT side from saw them start 6-1 before a Marzil multi-kill got Grayfox's T side back on board. klipp's 1v2 on the B site saw DEWA pick up their eighth and they ended with a 9-3 lead.

A Hatred multi-kill in the second half pistol saw DEWA move to double digits and a 1v2 against the force buy from Hatred saw DEWA propel themselves towards the win. DEWA eventually won Mirage at 13-3.

Inferno was the battleground for the second map of the series. DEWA started with a clean pistol on their T side and stomped their way to an incredible 7-0 start, DEWA dropped just a single round on their T side as they went 11-1 up. ArakyN gave Grayfox their second after coming in with a crucial 1v3 in the second half pistol but DEWA closed it out quickly at 13-4. Marzil was the only player from Grayfox who managed to get to double digits as the Indian team with a stand-in clearly struggled to find their footing.

The 2-0 series win sees DEWA United set up a semi-final date against DreamScape, who had earlier taken down Jadeite.

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