DreamScape takes down Jadeite to make Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2 semi-finals

DreamScape reverse-sweeps Jadeite

The Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2 reached its playoffs stage with DreamScape and Jadeite getting things underway with their BO3 matchup.

The series kicked off on Ancient with Jadeite starting with the CT-sided pistol thanks to a Lath triple to shut down a DreamScape B execute. Retakes and shutdowns on both sites with ease saw the Japanese teams run away to a 8-0 lead. inzane and Kumabread saw off a scary 2v4 attempt from Jadeite to help DreamScape get their first T round. DreamScape ended the half with four-in-a-row to salvage something after a poor start.

Jadeite picked up both pistols on Ancient. spawns_xxx's 1v2 against a 2v4 attempt from DreamScape put the Japanese team on map point and Jadeite secured Ancient at 13-5.

Inferno started with Jadeite on the CT side and picking up the third consecutive pistol of the series. Kumabread came in with a crucial triple including a 1v1 to see DreamScape pick up the force-buy. The force-buy win helped DreamScape go 5-1 up before the defensive side got back on the board. It was a dominating 9-3 half from DreamScape but it was Jadeite who secured yet another pistol to get the second half underway. Jadeite brought it to a one-round game at 8-9 before DreamScape got their first CT round.

It was Jadeite who got to match point first but DreamScape hung on in the final round of the map to take the map to overtime. DreamScape closed it out at 16-12 in overtime after converting a 2v4 on the B site.

Nuke was the decider as Jadeite picked up yet another pistol in the series. A Lath 1v2 saw Jadeite go 4-0 up. DreamScape replied with four in a row from themselves to tie it up at 4-4. DreamScape's strong CT side saw them start with an 8-4 lead. ImpressioN and inzane finally got DreamScape their first pistol round of the series on DreamScape's T side. It was a formality after that as DreamScape won Nuke at 13-7, closing out the map on a full-eco and a Bobosaur 1v2 on the upper bomb site. DreamScape reverse-swept the series 2-1 and now move on to the semi-finals of Elite Peekers IGNITION CS2.

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