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NKT runs through CatEvil to secure semi-final spot

NKT too strong for CatEvil

The second day of the playoffs kicked off with the quarter-final between NKT and CatEvil. The BO3 series kicked off on Mirage with CatEvil starting on the T side.

CatEvil secured the pistol and following pistol but NKT got on the board pretty early on in the first gun round of the map in the third round of the map. Both teams kept trading rounds as the opening half ended at 6-6. NKT started strong on their T half and raced to a 13-9 win to go 1-0 in the series.

Anubis was the battleground for the second map as NKT once again started with the T-sided pistol with cool4st coming in with a crucial triple. While Anubis is regarded as a T sided map, NKT took it to another level as they started with an incredible 11-1 lead. A lopsided Anubis ended with NKT walking away with a 13-1 win to secure the series 2-0.

NKT's win puts them in the second semi-final and will face the winner of the Myth Avenue Gaming and SR Nacague match later on today.

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