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Legacy Esports stun 2ez Gaming

Tight series goes Legacy Esports' way

The third match of the opening round of games in the Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 India Closed Qualifier saw India's number 1 team, 2ez Gaming face Legacy Esports, with the latter fielding two foreigners in EeazyBoost and Resoluxe.

Inferno got things going and it was a neck-and-neck opener with EeazyBoost trying his level best to get Legacy Esports over the line. The Russian's efforts weren't enough as even with 25 kills, Legacy fell 11-13 to 2ez Gaming in the opening map.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

2ez Gaming started Mirage with an 8-4 lead and looked it they were cruising to close things out in regulation. Legacy Esports though hung and pushed the map to overtime. Legacy hung on to take the map at 16-14 to push the series to a decider.

Overpass was the decider with Legacy Esports starting with a 6-0 lead. It was a strong start from Legacy as they took an 9-3 lead to get things underway on the decider. with Resoluxe ending the opening half with 22 kills and an ADR of 151! Legacy kept it clean in the second half as they shut things out at 13-4 to reverse-sweep the series 2-1.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

Both teams will be back in the server for their second round of games later on today.

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