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2ez survive Retaliation scare

A close call for 2ez Gaming in the lower bracket

2ez Gaming's run in the lower bracket of the Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 Indian Closed Qualifiers began with a matchup against Retaliation. The BO3 kicked off on Ancient, where 2ez registered a 13-8 victory, with bb1 doing the heavy liftings for his team with 110 ADR.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

On the second map Mirage, things heated up as both teams fought hard but it was ultimately Retaliation, who doing justice to their name, fought back in the series by achieving a 13-11 victory.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

The final map was Inferno, where 2ez Gaming took the full reins of the map. bb1 once again led the charts with his 22 kills as 2ez secured a 13-3 win.

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