Image Credit: Skyesports India

Grayfox Esports conquer True Rippers

A 2-0 victory for Grayfox Esports in Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 India Closed Qualifier

Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 India Closed Qualifier's Upper Bracket saw a clash of two of India's best as Grayfox went up against True Rippers. The results went the way of Grayfox, who after demolishing their opponents on the first map faced a tough fight on the second map.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

The first map, Inferno saw Grayfox secure a crushing victory over True Rippers. arakyn, led the team with over a 100 ADR, propelling Grayfox to a 13-7 victory. The second map Mirage, saw a closer affair, where Grayfox narrowly edged out True Rippers to secure a 16-14 win.

Image Credit: L.O.T Gaming

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