Media: Crazy_Gamer makes True Rippers debut

Former Gods Reign captain joins new team

Following Gods Reign's announcement of the signing of Marcos Gaming's core of Bhavi, R2B2 and reV3nnnn, two weeks ago it had left Crazy_Gamer and clouda without a team. CycloneF was kept on in a six-man roster.

Dust2 India has initially reported that Crazy_Gamer was in talks with True Rippers and it seems those talks have materialised as in their ongoing Skyesports Grand Slam 2024 India Closed Qualifier game against Accuracy Gaming, Crazy_Gamer is in the server for True Rippers instead of DiceDealer.

There has been no official announcement from True Rippers about signing the former Gods Reign captain yet though.

clouda meanwhile was reported to join SpawN and co. at Carnival Gaming after Enigma Gaming stepped back from Counter-Strike but contract issues seems to have held up the move with SpawN going public with his disappointment at missing the Skyesports Grand Slam 2024.

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