Gods Reign drops places in latest Asian rankings

Bhavi and co. still No.1 in India

The latest HLTV rankings updates sees Gods Reign hold on to their No. 1 spot in the Indian Regional Rankings but the Indian team have dropped a couple of places in Asian rankings.

With a scarcity of Indian tournaments, the Indian rankings sees no change with Gods Reign in top place followed by True Rippers, Marcos Gaming and Carnival Gaming, just as it was last week. Gods Reign meanwhile hold #132 rank in the world, with True Rippers at #171, Marcos Gaming at #188 and Carnival Gaming at #205.

Image Credit: HLTV

There is movement in the Asian rankings though, with Chinggis Warriors making a strong run right into the Nomadic Spring Masters, they've risen up the ranks as have Steel Helmet and Onyx Ravens, which has dropped Gods Reign to the tenth position. True Rippers remain in 12th position with Marcos Gaming in 14th and Carnival Gaming in 16th.

TheMongolz remain the best in Asia, with TYLOO moving up to second place while Lynn Vision drop to third. Rare Atom and JiJieHao round out the top five with the latter moving up two places.

TheMongolz also have made a massive jump in the world rankings, moving up to 12th place following their ESL Pro League Season 19 Playoffs run while FlyQuest also have moved up six places to 14th place. TheMongolz and FlyQuest's move into the Top 15 also means its the first-time since 2018 that there are 2 APAC teams in the Top 15 rankings.

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