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GR Gaming baffle Gods Reign

Gods Reign concede Mirage 2-13 to GR Gaming

The ECL Season 47 Asia BO1 took us to Mirage where mediocrity and ivan propelled GR Gaming to a solid 5-0 start on the T-side of Mirage and pretty soon Ruunin joined the party, converting it into a massive 10-2 lead in the first half.

Gods Reign lacked in terms of individual performances with just their IGL Bhavi reaching double figures and f1redup's AWP never really took off, putting Gods Reign at a disadvantage. GR Gaming kept it clean in the second half and snatched a 13-2 win on Mirage.

The Indian team find themselves in a form slump amidst their ECL Season 48 campaign. Having previously lost against Lynn Vision and LYG, Gods Reign sit at the bottom of the table with 12 losses in the league so far. Gods Reign's path gets tougher as they meet fiercer opponents tomorrow and day-after in TYLOO and theMongolz.

Scoreboard via FACEIT

The loss on Mirage meant Gods Reign went down in both the BO1s scheduled for the day against GR Gaming as the Indian team had forfeited their opening BO1.

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