Elite Peekers Ignition: Playoffs postponed

The opening round of matches were set to commence today

Elite Peekers Ignition CS2's playoffs have been postponed indefinitely. Set to commence today, the opening the round of matches were supposed to feature QUBE, Myth Avenue Gaming, Dewa United and Bigetron locking horns in a Bo3 setting.

No information have been provided regarding the resumption of the tournament and commencing the playoffs campaign. While the particulars are currently uncertain, an Elite Peekers representative has confirmed that the delay is due to an ongoing investigation surrounding CatEvil.

CatEvil, who cleared the group stage and made it to the playoffs were accused of playing with an unregistered roster. Out of the blue, CatEvil forfeited the tournament, sending Myth Avenue Gaming into the playoffs. Upcoming matches have been paused until Elite Peekers investigate into the issue and run their course towards a resolution.

Further updates on the above shall follow as and when made public by Elite Peekers.

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