Catevil runs over MAG

Two impressive maps from Catevil

Catevil dismantled MAG in the BO3 in Elite Peekers Ignition Season 2 on Day 4 of Group Stage, winning both maps with dominant score lines. The action began on Dust 2, where Catevil dominated MAG's defenses, grabbing an impressive 10 rounds in the first half. While conceding only to a force buy in the second half, Catevil closed out the map with a 13-3 victory.


  • Akashi

  • Gin

  • Tank

  • Drea3er

  • Griffin



  • alreph

  • jay

  • twinkle17

  • n

Image Courtes: Elite Peekers on Twitch

Moving on to Mirage for the second map, Catevil kept up the pressure with a solid 8-1 lead early on. Though MAG managed to rally and snag the final three rounds of the first half, narrowing the gap to 8-4, they couldn't keep the momentum going. Catevil secured the victory with a final score of 13-7, ending the series with a solid performance.

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