Dewa United take down CatEvil

CatEvil concede 0-2 series to Dewa United in Elite Peekers Ignition

Dewa United got off to a 4-0 start on the T-side of Ancient in the Elite Peekers Ignition CS2 Season 2 Group B winners game , keeping CatEvil on their toes. twy and Cate’s proactive mid plays kept things from spiraling out of control for CatEvil but Dewa United still managed to secure a healthy 8-4 lead in the first half.

Dewa United won the pistol and conceded the anti-eco in the second half, off the back of which CatEvil strung up rounds to close the gap at 7-9 but couldn’t get any further as Dewa United closed out Ancient 13-7 with a 4 rounds streak.

The second map took us to Mirage where it was a rinse and repeat for CatEvil as Dewa United took the map 13-7 to wrap up the series 2-0. With this loss in the group B winners match, CatEvil will head down to the decider match where they face Darkhorse or Myth Avenue Gaming in a bo3.

Dewa United send CatEvil to decider match

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