MAG takes down Darkhorse

Aleph has a strong series

The final Group Stage game of the Elite Peekers Ignition Season 2 saw Myth Avenue Gaming (MAG) take on Darkhorse with the BO3 kicking off on Vertigo.

Myth Avenue Gaming

  • Aleph

  • Jaytzy

  • Tw1nk1e17

  • ThinkofAutumn-

  • Nero


  • Zedd_S

  • Skjr

  • Formless

  • Fish

  • Ignite

MAG started with the CT pistol and went 10-2 up in no time, putting up an aggressive defensive side with the trio of Aleph, ThinkOfAutumn- and Nero having a strong half. Darkhorse failed to capitalise on their second half pistol win as MAG closed out Vertigo in a comfortable manner at 13-5.

Image Credit: Elite Peekers

Mirage saw Darkhorse start 3-0 on their defensive side before MAG got their first round on the board. Once the balling got rolling on their T side, MAG quickly tied up the score and after a couple of back-and-forth rounds, Darkhorse managed to secure a two round lead as Ignite's strong half saw him end the opening with 19 kills. MAG fought back on their CT side, turning it to go 11-9 up before Darkhorse forced the game to overtime. MAG closed it out in overtime at 16-14 with Aleph dropping a 30 bomb to help MAG book a 2-0 series win.

Image Credit: Elite Peekers

The win sees MAG proceed ahead and they will face Catevil to book a playoffs spot.

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