Bigetron secures a dominant win over SR Nacague

BnTeT helps Bigetron turn it around on Ancient

BnTeT and co. were looking to book a spot in the Playoffs of the Elite Peekers Ignition Season 2 as they took on SR Nacague in a crucial BO3 encounter.


  • GODerek

  • XigN

  • BnTeT

  • WasteOfAmmo

  • Kayje

SR Nacague

  • Zen

  • Duane

  • Chinits

  • Cyldie

  • Ken

The series kicked off on Vertigo with Bigetron starting with the CT pistol. After two unsuccessful B hits, SR Nacague finally got on the board in the first gun round following an A execute. SR Nacague could manage just two more T rounds as Bigetron shut down entry on both sites to take a 9-3 lead. SR Nacague took a crucial second pistol to keep themselves alive and brought it to a two round game at 9-11. Bigetron, though, hung on for a 13-9 win to take the opening map of the series.

Image Credit: Elite Peekers

Ancient kicked off with SR Nacague shutting down a Bigetron B hit to pick up the opening pistol. The duo of Ken and Duane powered SR Nacague to an 8-4 half before Bigetron put up an absolutely flawless defensive half with BnTeT coming in with impact to steal away a 13-8 win to lock in the series 2-0.

Image Credit: Elite Peekers

While SR Nacague have been eliminated after the loss, the win sees Bigetron book their place in the Playoffs and they will take on DEWA United on May 13, 2024.

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