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Gods Reign take down HIGH FIVE

HIGH FIVE concede Ancient 6-13

In their latest ECL match, Gods Reign took on HIGH FIVE in two bo1s. The first bo1 took us to Ancient where rev3nnnn and R2B2 propelled Gods Reign to a pistol and anti-eco win on their CT-side but HIGH FIVE bounced back, trading their way to a competitive 6-6 half.

Gods Reign showed their T-side fury from the get go, putting up dominant pistol and anti-eco rounds. HIGH FIVE tried to adapt and counter Gods Reign's playstyle on the fly but their efforts went in vain. Gods Reign did not drop a single round on their T-side, handing HIGH FIVE a crushing 6-13 defeat on Ancient.

rev3nnnn and R2B2 finished the map with 18 frags a piece, followed closely by Bhavi at 17. For HIGH FIVE, apart from JIEjiEEE dropping 16 frags it was just L1hang and NHkarlwow who barely managed to cross double figures, highlighting the team's lack of individual performances.

Scoreboard via FACEIT

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