Thomas 'Whoever the owners are, they should be banished from esports'

Former 5W Gaming's IGL speaks about his 5W Gaming experience

Following his explosive revelation about Bengaluru-based esports organisation, 5W Gaming, who had signed him a month ago, Thomas has revealed more details about how they came about to the decision to cut ties with the unknown organisation.

Dust2 India reached out to the Brit, who was roped in as the in-game leader for 5W Gaming, who stated how most players during the player negotiations refused to sign without being paid upfront.

So several players during negotiations refused to sign unless they are paid upfront, so myself h4rn and Joel were all paid upfront as proof of their dedication and to leave the contracts we were in (ITB, TSM, & 500) (at the time).

Thomas spoke about working with Loord initially and also about the first instances of when trouble started brewing. Thomas mentioned that the organisation sacking the team's General Manager saw the beginning of the end as the manager was their only point of contact.

After we all signed and we were able to get Loord as coach, we started to work full time, developing the team and progression was fast, as the style of play which I want to run (with) clicked with the roster instantly.

After the first 2 weeks, pay day started where the owners randomly sacked our General Manager one day before they were meant to go out (with the payments) and this caused a mess since our GM was our only line of communication with the owners, this was rectified when they did email our coach once (once only) saying they want everything to continue etc.

After no communication for over 2 weeks and them not replying about a lot of factors, they ultimately stopped replying to everyone and several things started to fall apart - such as a social media guy vanishing as well as everything from the organisation coming to a stop. We, as a team, decided its best if we just cut ties since our contracts were now voided as well as fraudulently created. We tried the necessary background checks of this organisation but all understood it was a risk which they ultimately proved their legitimacy by paying a few of us upfront.

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Dust2 India also managed to reach out to 5W Gaming's coach Loord, who shared details about the owner of 5W Gaming, whom Loord had been in contact with for signing the contract - "(Yes, what my contract says) I signed it with Rakesh Choudhary - 5W Gaming, based in India, with Registration Number: 273856237"

Signing off, Thomas made his feelings about the organisation and it's owners pretty clear.

I don’t really understand the whole idea (from these unknown owners) but whoever they are, they should be banished from esports.

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