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WahWah topples LOT Gaming in another Ind-Pak clash

Back to back 13-6 map wins for WahWah

The Gladiator's League Season 4 Playoffs saw another India vs Pakistan clash in the event, as WahWah faced LOT Gaming. The first map Anubis started off in dead heat, but later saw WahWah find a 7-5 lead on the T-side. As the second half unfolded, WahWah furthered their lead, closing out the map with a 13-6 win.

India L.O.T Gaming

  • m1

  • vrenny

  • WD-

  • superzy

  • Br0CK


  • ExecutoR

  • 0Kay

  • x

  • insmutje

  • BulleT

Image Credits: High IQ

Next up was Mirage, where LOT Gaming notched the CT Pistol. However, WahWah flipped the scripts once again, as they established a 9-3 lead. After only conceding 3 rounds in the second half, WahWah finished a dominating series win, locking in Mirage with a 13-6 scoreline.

Image Credits: High IQ

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