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Frag Theory overcome the Griffins Esports challenge

First semi-final confirmed

The Playoffs at the Gladiator's League Season 4 continued as Griffins Esports faced Frag Theory in their quarter-final matchup. The veto saw Ancient, Anubis and Mirage as the battlegrounds for the teams.

India Griffins Esports

  • PyR0

  • SupAnd1

  • HeadshotSpeciaL

  • H3cticC


India Frag Theory

  • eL

  • Br0kenxD

  • Grudge

  • elementx

  • kaneki

Ancient saw Griffins Esports led by HeadshotSpeciaL and SupAnd1 starting with a strong CT side, before going flawless on their T side to secure a commanding 13-5 win.

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After going missing in the second half of Ancient, it was Frag Theory turning things around, as they started Anubis with a big 9-3 lead on their T side with elementx having a 16-kill half to keep his side alive in the series. Frag Theory tied up the series at 1-1 after picking up a convincing 13-5 win on Anubis to send the series to Mirage.

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Mirage was a back and forth affair, which saw Frag Theory pip Griffins Esports for a 13-11 win right at the very end, with kaneki have an incredibly impactful performance on the decider, dropping 27 kills to help his team reverse sweep the series 2-1 and book themselves a semi-final spot.

Image Credit: High IQ

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