The NA duo set to return to the U.S

aleph and nero depart from Bigetron

NA duo end their 2-months stint

According to a report, Bigetron's NA duo aleph and nero have parted ways with Bigetron. The org signed them back in April and have not entered a single HLTV recognized event till date and have attended just a single liquipedia recorded event.

Bigetron entered Elite Peekers Ignition Season 2 which was cancelled midway due to integrity concerns. While no active roster change has been recorded on HLTV, has confirmed that the duo has left the team and are set to return to the U.S to pick up where they left.

In a conversation with, it was revealed that aleph and nero wanted to leave the team in early may due to opinion differences within the team. Another issue with the Bigetron outing for the NA duo was that the Asian region was plagued with a lack of high profile Counter-Strike tournaments.

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