shox pulls out the AWP against Pak Boyz

shox: I was pretty impressed by them

Marcos Gaming 2-0 Pak Boyz

After Marcos Gaming's 2-0 against Pak Boyz, we got a chance to talk to the iconic shox who shared his initial impressions of the team, the structure and their functioning. shox spoke about Marcos Gaming's utility usage and their strong foundation of the game.

Honestly my initial impressions were really good, they got some good fundamentals and they use a lot of utilities. They watch a lot of demos and work really hard. They were really nice to me, we're enjoying, having a lot of fun and I'm happy to be in the team.

shox spoke about Bhavi calling and the thought that went into it. He went on to say that Bhavi's calling was really good and that sometimes he felt that he lacked teammates who were ready to take initiative and step up. "There a lot of uncertainties regarding going for particular plays but I think this is something that can be very easily fixed with time," said shox.

He got good tactics, he got good ideas and we can see that he's working really hard to improve in that role so I'm pretty confident that he can be very good at this.
shox on Bhavi's captaincy

If you had to pick one guy in the team who's a go-getter, has the initiative, who would that be?

I would say B2, I like how he plays, I think he's smart and is very chill, he has really good communication. I really like B2 as a player.

Towards the end, shox expressed belief and confidence in the team, hoping that they would make it to the latter stages of the tournament and eventually all the way.

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February 8, 2024 03:25pm
shoxieeejesus killing it with the AWP - somethings never change
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