friberg shares stage with Pak Boyz

friberg: The guys have a lot of talent but are nervous

Pak Boyz concede 0-2 series to Marcos Gaming

After Marcos Gaming swept a clean 2-0 against Pak Boyz, Pak Boyz's friberg briefly spoke to Dust2 India about the teams shortcomings and positives. The king of Banana started off by pointing out that the team has a lot of talent but were a tad bit nervous.

friberg also spoke about the comms and how things eventually got more comfortable. He went on to point out the sub-par mid-rounds.

I don't think the guys were used to communicating in English but the more and more time we spent, the more comfortable we got with the comms. The decision making in mid-rounds were a little off but the guys have insane talent, fragging hard and pulling off clutches.

When asked about Inferno being veto-ed out, friberg said that it was not more or less the same as any other map and did not make that much of a difference. He also revealed that he called the shots on Overpass.

Maybe Overpass wasn't their favourite map, I was calling the game on both sides - T and CT. I think we did good, despite throwing a few rounds, there was a 4v1 amongst that I think. It's hard when it's MR12 and you lose two important rounds.

Pointing out the importance of every single round, friberg spoke about a few rounds that should have went in their favour but didn't. He showed his interest towards improving their game by suggesting early appearances and extended practice sessions to get in the groove and on the same page.

friberg pointed out that Pak Boyz weren't as armed and equipped when it came to defaults, compared to other teams and called their play-style "mixed".

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