A classic kennyS clutch to close out the series

True Rippers squeeze past Marcos Gaming

A narrow win for DEFAULTER and co. against their former org

The upper bracket final saw True Rippers boys taking on their former organisation, Marcos Gaming. The veto saw Marcos pick Mirage while Ancient was True Rippers' choice with Inferno left as the decider.

Mirage was Marcos starting with slight lead but True Rippers turned it around in the second half thanks to the Silchar boys Mcg!LLzZz and DEFAULTER, to pick up the map at 13-10.

Ancient was all Marcos has they began with a stunning 7-0 lead and shox's AWP was in form as Marcos ran away to a 13-7 win.

shox with the Big Green shut down True Rippers on Ancient

The series moved to Counter-Strike's greatest decider map, Inferno to close out the series with Marcos starting on the CT side. shox kicked off things with a pristine quad-kill with the USP-S. Marcos' moved to a 5-0 lead before a kennyS smoke-play at Arch saw True Rippers net their first round. True Rippers made sure it was a respectable half although Marcos won out the half at 8-4.

True Rippers were the first ones to get to map and match point on Inferno at 12-10 after beginning the second half with the pistol but Marcos saw off both match points to push the series to overtime. kennyS closed out the map with a 1v2 which saw True Rippers take the map at 16-13.

The win puts True Rippers in the Grand Final of The Draft Super Six while Marcos Gaming will play the winner of the PAK BOYZ and WahWah match later today in the Consolidation Final.

True Rippers
2 - 1
All maps
True Rippers K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
India Kiran 'Rossi' Rudresh 49 - 50 -1 79.6 80.6% 1.16
India Shuvajyoti 'Mcg!LLzZz' Chakborty 47 - 52 -5 71.8 79.2% 1.08
India Hamid 'Gh0sTTTT' Chaudhary 59 - 53 +6 75.1 70.8% 1.07
India Ritesh 'DEFAULTER' Sarda 41 - 50 -9 71.9 75.0% 1.01
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub 47 - 44 +3 63.2 65.3% 0.99
Marcos K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Richard 'shox' Papillon 72 - 48 +24 102.0 83.3% 1.52
India Elvis 'ELV1S' Eric 51 - 50 +1 76.5 75.0% 1.10
India Bhavesh 'Bhavi' Sejwani 44 - 49 -5 70.4 70.8% 1.03
India Rahul 'R2B2' Banerjee 42 - 47 -5 60.2 68.1% 0.91
India Garvit 'EmbeR' Nehra 37 - 54 -17 58.8 75.0% 0.82

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