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THE DRAFT Super 6: Day 3 schedule

Clash of two French Titans

After a sorrowful day for fans, as the two elimination game saw Gods Reign and Come Mid end their DRAFT journey, the second day came to an end. However, as one chapter ends, another begins, offering hope for brighter prospects. Therefore, on the third day, we have Marcos Gaming squaring off against True Rippers.

The renowned duo of kennyS and shox, who have been comrades-in-arms, longstanding as the most persistent recollection of the French scene, will find themselves in opposing corners, setting the stage for one of the most entertaining matches for Counter-Strike fans.

Here's a preview of the upcoming matches on the third day.

Match 7: India Marcos Gaming vs India True Rippers (09:30 IST)

Match 8: WahWah vs Pak Boyz (13:00 IST)

Match 9: Match 8 winner vs Match 7 loser (16:30 IST)

You can catch the games here:

Official Schedule of Super Six (Image Courtesy: BLAST)

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