True Rippers secure finals berth

Rossi: "It was difficult to adjust with kennyS"

True Rippers closed out a narrow 2-1 series against Marcos Gaming.

True Rippers secured a close 2-1 win against Marcos Gaming and have confirmed their grand finals spot at The DRAFT. True Rippers' star player Rossi spoke to Dust2 India about the match and their approach.

The approach was really nice, everyone kept their composure and we just wanted kennyS to calm down a little bit because he expects us to play in a better structure, which we Indians lack. I did my best from my end to keep things under control and keep everyone calm and once again, our approach was really good.

Rossi went on to speak about the second map where Marcos Gaming levelled the series and pointed out role clashes within the team how they had to deviate from their conventional strat-book to accommodate kennyS.

I think we lost the second map because of ourselves, there was a lack of planning and role clashes. Ancient is one of those maps for which we already have a solid strat-book and it was very difficult to adjust with kennyS.

The star Indian rifler appreciated the fact that his words get good respect and value from his team-mates when talking about the mental reset after losing the second map. He also spoke about individual moments from other legends like shox and friberg, showing expectations towards kennyS to have more individual moments of his own.

kennyS was a bit emotional when things weren't going our way but we still stuck to the fundamentals and changed our game plan to play according to him. I hope we see more kennyS moments in our game like how we see other legends like shox, friberg or GeT_RiGh, we expect kennyS to have those moments and if he does, we'll win our remaining games easily.

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